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GDPR/AVG Why all this consent?

25th of may 2018, We’re finally there! The GDPR is now active,

The last couple of weeks i received dozens of emails asking for consent, Most companies where still in my eyesight, however i did receive some surprise emails from companies i did not even know they had my contact details. It was a pleasant week for me, because i saw all those email as a challenge, this was an oppertunity to get rid of a lot of unwanted spam. Or was it?

Some emails i have received in the last couple of weeks were very clear and stated allmost literally “If you want to keep receiving those emails, please give your consent by clicking<here> or by visiting our website and acknowledge your subscription”. Even though some companies did not even had to ask me for this consent, simply because i already had a contract of some sort with the company, there where lawfull reasons why the company had my contact details or one of the other completely legitimate reasons there where also some really nice examples of “How to NOT do GDPR Compliance”.

A couple of examples here:

1. “When you do NOT want to receive our $spam$ anymore, click <here>”.

This was an interesting one, because the GDPR states very clearly and literally “Silence, pre-ticked boxes or inactivity should not therefore constitute consent.”. I guess you could say, opt-out was not the way to go!

2. “we are having an open doors day! yay, and we do not need your consent for sending you this email, it relates to $product$ you have bought before”

Of course i had bought a product at this store, sure thing.. well no!. I looked up when i bought the specific product, which happened to be april 2013. when sending me email, 5 years after a selling date of a product which was merely 10 euro’s, this is not the right statement to make, and the legal ground for this email where also not really applying here.

There where dozens of bad examples in my email inbox, One thing i really noticed was, the most not legitimate emails where sent from european companies. American companies did a great job of complying with the GDPR. I guess the GDPR has indeed shaken the tree about privacy worldwide.

<sarcasm>In the end i’m not expecting an almost empty inbox the next couple of years! no more spam, no more unsollicited emails.</sarcarsm>