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GDPR/AVG Why all this consent?

25th of may 2018, We’re finally there! The GDPR is now active, The last couple of weeks i received dozens of emails asking for consent, Most companies where still in my eyesight, however i did receive some surprise emails from companies i did not even know they had my contact details. It was a pleasant week for me, because i saw all those email as a challenge, this was an oppertunity to get rid of…

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Decryption by governments, Hackerhotel 2018

This year duringĀ hackerhotelĀ i have held a small talk about nation wide decryption, how it works and what to fear about it. The talk was recorded by Mark Janssen, and placed here:Decryption, E_WHUT. ( Slides : Bug ID 1408647 Slides) The talk tries to inform people how decryption of SSL works, and why, when done correctly the end-user does not see the man-in-the-middle attack going on.

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